Shopping over the weekends was very fun! I bought some very nice and cool and yummy things at the mall, target and other places. my favorite place to go to shop is at the mall because they have a very cool  store called newbury comics it has the coolest and funniest items that you should totally purchase a newbury comics they sell basketball cards, funny awesome socks and other cool trinkets and fun awesome toys that I love!

The Top 5 Reasons To Come Back To Hillside.

The Top 5 Reasons To Come Back To Hillside.

1 One reason that we should come back to Hillside is because this summer camp was very successful and fun and that people would like to come back next summer.

2  Another reason to come back to Hillside is that the food here is really good and so are all of the fun activities.

3 A third reason to come back to camp is because you get to go to the weekend trips such as going golfing, Target, mall shopping, and bouncing around at SkyZone.

4 A fourth reason that you should come back to Hillside is you can make a lot of friends with counselors and campers.

5 The Final reason that you should come back to Hillside is because you can have access to a lot of cool things such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and other cool things– like your going to Hillside School (not CAMP) but its still awesome cause your not in school.

My friend Robert


Robert is a 10-year-old-boy. He is in Grade 5 and has a good personality.

He comes from Beijing, China, and he is a little heavy, but he is very active. All of the summer campers like him. Robert swims very well! During the sign up programs, we usually choose “free swim” so we can swim together.

I think he is very kind because however we tag him or play with him in the pool, he always plays with us. He is also very sunny. He is optimistic.

My Best Friend In Hillside School By Sunny

My best friend in Hillside School is Daniel!

He is 9 years old and from Beijing, short, and wears glasses. Also, he is very smart and loves reading. He even said reading is fun. Every time I see Daniel, he is always reading. He believes in magic and he is very nice. I told him that I have written a book named I lost you, I just know, and I put it online.

Daniel is really excited and encouraged me after reading my book. He gave me some ideas to make the book better. I love playing with him. He always comes up with new ideas, we run on the grass, we sing songs, we draw pictures and we have meals all the time when we are together! But now he’s back to China, so we can’t see each other. But we still chat online every evening!

I hope my best friend and I can both be better and better!

From Sunny

My friend Kevin

He is my best roommate. He likes to play soccer, just like me. He is a sunshine boy and I like to play SKY ZONE with him. At ESL class, he is very smart. And I like to play soccer with him. At a soccer game, he always can help me to score a goal. I can help him to score a goal too.

He is very kind, helpful, and friendly. When I have some trouble, he will come and help me very quickly. In ESL, he can help me do some English questions.

Top five things that are awesome about hillside summer


  1. The first thing that is awesome about Hillside Summer is all of the activities that we do here. My personal favorites is slip n slide kickball.

  2. The second thing is the food, the food is great and deserts are delciosio.

  3. The third thing is being here with my brother and how I get to spend my summer with him.

  4. The fourth thing is going to camp with my teachers as counselors and not actually my teachers.

  5. The final thing is just bing able to enjoy the campus without the stress of school.

Swimming, by Tom

IMG_0013Swim is an interesting activity for me. I love swimming. It is my favorite activity.

I am good at “frog swimming.” Frog swimming when you use your arms like a frog. I can swim without goggles. Frog swim is usually not as fast as the front stroke, but I can use the “frog swim” to beat swimmers who use front stroke.

We also play some interesting games on the water. Fishy fishy cross my ocean is where one person is a shark, and the other people go to one side of the pool, they are the fish.  When the shark says ”fishy fishy cross my ocean”, ”the fishes”will swim to the other side of the pool, you can not be caught by the shark;if you are caught by shark,you must stand on the place which you are catched by shark;the next turn,you can just stand there to catch the other fish;until there is only one”fish”save,the ‘fish”is the next “shark”. And we can also play water basketball,water volleyball and so on.I am very enjoy


ESL with Mr. Brown by Sunny

Study can make students better and a great teacher is important.

In Hillside School, I met Mr. Brown. He is a really good teacher, and he always makes classes full with fun. Every morning, I have one and a half hours for the lesson and I am always looking forward to the lesson. You may ask me why not many students are happy to have lessons. But I am excited to have the ESL Class with Mr. Brown. His teaching style makes students relax. Everyone in class is quite honest and respectful, and no one has be late. We have lots of things doing during the class, like: grammar time, team working, question together, game time, reading practice, writing stories and speaking loud. We also have two adult friends in ESL Class! One is Jenny and the other is Nick. They play with us and help us with our study problems. Now, do you know why I love the ESL Class with Mr. Brown? I think everyone need come here because they will love it! The beautiful study place, the nice kind teacher and the great teaching style all will make us study better!

It’s a really perfect place to study. I don’t want to say more, so just come and try it!